• 2007 Terrien Chardonnay

    12/12/2022 - DAN KRAVITZ: 96 Points Pale straw color. A 2017 California Chardonnay should look like this! The aromas are both broad and penetrating, also amazingly varied; there is both apple and pear, just under that is a beautiful floral note, under that an herbal hint, and faintly, both earth and minerals. The palate is an absolute joy. The texture is medium to full-bodied, with an excellent blend of opulence and acidity, some real succulence here. The flavors precisely follow the aromas. The finish is quite long, but not ‘forever’ long. Still, this is a simply stunning glass of 15 year young Chardonnay. As this is my first experience, I hesitate to predict longevity, I’ve only got one bottle left (hope for 2 more), no worry to hold another year or two, five would be no surprise. This tastes more old-world than new, like a mélange of 1er Crus from Meursault, Puligny and Chassagne. If succeeding bottles are in this league, I will add Terrien to my short list of great California Chardonnays, with Mount Eden, Ridge, Mayacamas and Stony Hill. This would be the first non-mountain CA Chardonnay to enter my personal pantheon.   9/18/2022 - WINEJ2019 LIKES THIS WINE:91 Points

    I agree w other reviews, hard to believe this is 15 yr old CA chardonnay. More Burgundy than CA, this has nice acidity and a flinty / steely quality.

    6/3/2021 - MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:92 Points

    As others have noted, pretty remarkable that this is a 14 year-old wine. Bright and clean, it is incredibly well balanced: it is hard to find any flaws here or anything that makes you say, "that was good, but..." That said, my only "but" would be (as others have previously noted) the finish is a bit on the shorter side. I have a few more bottles, and plan to try them over the coming years. Looking forward to trying this at age 20 (!!). A really good value too.

    3/18/2021 - RON SLYE WROTE:91 Points

    This is a lovely aged chardonnay that got better with an hour in the glass. Lovely notes of lemon, hints of coconut. Nice depth suggesting this may evolve some more with time. With more air, some nice notes of white flowers, even some green herbal notes, emerge. The finish is on the short side of medium, with a slight bitter almond note. Hard to believe this is almost 14 years old.


    Fabulous, Burg-like Chardonnay. Profound and compelling. Smooth, deep, long, interesting; wonderful balance and persistence. Great precision. A really superb wine. 8/6/21: Just as good. Took ca 30 min to open up. 3/2/22: Bit of an edge on this one. Softened over time, but overall the wine wasn't quite up to the best of previous bottles.
  • 2012 Terrien Chardonnay

    Nine barrels were made in 2012
    10/14/2022 - WINEJ2019 LIKES THIS WINE:93 Points

    I’ve been working my way through a mixed case of Terrien chardonnays and seem to enjoy each bottle a bit more. Shared w guests who gave two big thumbs up. Balanced in all ways.

    4/12/2021 - RON SLYE WROTE:94 Points

    Ok. I sort of want not to like this. It has some oak and I have convinced myself I am very averse to oak. But this integrates it so nicely. The oak enhances and supports the other flavors rather than hiding or masking them. Such lovely lemon and lemon curd, and a very smooth palate with a lingering lovely finish. It almost feels like if there was one more unit (whatever that is) of oak it would be over the line for me. As much as I look closely thinking it has crossed the line, it has not. Just a lovely lovely Chardonnay.


    The word that best describes this wine is elegance. An exquisite lightness, poise and stability betray the winemaker's deft hand. And not for the first time, other vintages are on this level as well, even tho the grapes are from IIRC two different vineyards. Neither fragile nor tenuous, this lovely chardonnay plays well against a variety of foods.
    11/3/2019 - MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:94 Points

    Served cellar temperature, which was perfect. Pale yellow color showed no sign of age. Beautiful honey and pear aromas and incredibly soft mouthfeel. This is fantastic now, and certainly can stand plenty more time in the cellar.

    4/11/2020 update Second bottle consumed. Same great pear and honey taste and soft mouthfeel. I will put my remaining couple of bottles away for for 2 more years to try them with 10+ years age.
  • 2015 Terrien Chardonnay

    Eleven barrels were made in 2015
    9/4/2022 - THALVER WROTE:

    This was a good showing for the wine, it has rounded out/plumped up a bit with age, but doesn't yet show overwhelming oxidative notes. Decent cut from acidity, finish was a bit short


    4th of a 6-pack. A little more austere tonight. Notes of yellow apple, lemon peel and vanillin. Slightly rich on the palate, with nice creamy mouthfeel and more orchard fruit notes ending with a butterscotch finish. Wish there was a little more acid structure. Will continue to hold onto my other bottles for further aging.

    6/5/2020 - THALVER WROTE:

    Upon pop and poor this was a bit reticent. after about an hour+ it put on weight and opened up. Nice wine and great value. I do have the sense it can age well, certainly better than most CA

    4/11/2020 - MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:93 Points

    A really terrific chardonnay and an amazing value. I concur with the lemon backbone others are getting on this. A highly enjoyable wine to drink alone, or with food.

    I drank a 2012 Terrien at the same time, and can vouch that these continue to age very gracefully, and have a long life ahead if you have the patience to wait. I personally liked the 2015 better (other in the party disagreed), but the 2012 had added depth from age that excellent. I will definitely be cellaring bottles of the 2015 for both medium and long-term drinking.
    4/9/2020 - MIKEATL LIKES THIS WINE:91 Points

    Apple and stone with a little unobtrusive oak and good acidity and drinking it with food brings out more nuance, it reminds me a bit of De Moor Bourgogne-Chitry. One of the best values I’ve had in years.

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