2007 Terrien Chardonnay


9/18/2022 – WINEJ2019 LIKES THIS WINE:91 Points

I agree w other reviews, hard to believe this is 15 yr old CA chardonnay. More Burgundy than CA, this has nice acidity and a flinty / steely quality.

6/3/2021 – MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:92 Points

As others have noted, pretty remarkable that this is a 14 year-old wine. Bright and clean, it is incredibly well balanced: it is hard to find any flaws here or anything that makes you say, “that was good, but…” That said, my only “but” would be (as others have previously noted) the finish is a bit on the shorter side. I have a few more bottles, and plan to try them over the coming years. Looking forward to trying this at age 20 (!!). A really good value too.

3/18/2021 – RON SLYE WROTE:91 Points

This is a lovely aged chardonnay that got better with an hour in the glass. Lovely notes of lemon, hints of coconut. Nice depth suggesting this may evolve some more with time. With more air, some nice notes of white flowers, even some green herbal notes, emerge. The finish is on the short side of medium, with a slight bitter almond note. Hard to believe this is almost 14 years old.


Fabulous, Burg-like Chardonnay. Profound and compelling. Smooth, deep, long, interesting; wonderful balance and persistence. Great precision. A really superb wine.
Just as good. Took ca 30 min to open up.
Bit of an edge on this one. Softened over time, but overall the wine wasn’t quite up to the best of previous bottles.