2012 Terrien Chardonnay


Nine barrels were made in 2012

10/14/2022 – WINEJ2019 LIKES THIS WINE:93 Points

I’ve been working my way through a mixed case of Terrien chardonnays and seem to enjoy each bottle a bit more. Shared w guests who gave two big thumbs up. Balanced in all ways.

4/12/2021 – RON SLYE WROTE:94 Points

Ok. I sort of want not to like this. It has some oak and I have convinced myself I am very averse to oak. But this integrates it so nicely. The oak enhances and supports the other flavors rather than hiding or masking them. Such lovely lemon and lemon curd, and a very smooth palate with a lingering lovely finish. It almost feels like if there was one more unit (whatever that is) of oak it would be over the line for me. As much as I look closely thinking it has crossed the line, it has not. Just a lovely lovely Chardonnay.


The word that best describes this wine is elegance. An exquisite lightness, poise and stability betray the winemaker’s deft hand. And not for the first time, other vintages are on this level as well, even tho the grapes are from IIRC two different vineyards. Neither fragile nor tenuous, this lovely chardonnay plays well against a variety of foods.

11/3/2019 – MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:94 Points

Served cellar temperature, which was perfect. Pale yellow color showed no sign of age. Beautiful honey and pear aromas and incredibly soft mouthfeel. This is fantastic now, and certainly can stand plenty more time in the cellar.

4/11/2020 update
Second bottle consumed. Same great pear and honey taste and soft mouthfeel. I will put my remaining couple of bottles away for for 2 more years to try them with 10+ years age.