2015 Terrien Chardonnay


Eleven barrels were made in 2015

9/4/2022 – THALVER WROTE:

This was a good showing for the wine, it has rounded out/plumped up a bit with age, but doesn’t yet show overwhelming oxidative notes. Decent cut from acidity, finish was a bit short


4th of a 6-pack. A little more austere tonight. Notes of yellow apple, lemon peel and vanillin. Slightly rich on the palate, with nice creamy mouthfeel and more orchard fruit notes ending with a butterscotch finish. Wish there was a little more acid structure. Will continue to hold onto my other bottles for further aging.

6/5/2020 – THALVER WROTE:

Upon pop and poor this was a bit reticent. after about an hour+ it put on weight and opened up. Nice wine and great value. I do have the sense it can age well, certainly better than most CA

4/11/2020 – MAINEMARK LIKES THIS WINE:93 Points

A really terrific chardonnay and an amazing value. I concur with the lemon backbone others are getting on this. A highly enjoyable wine to drink alone, or with food.

I drank a 2012 Terrien at the same time, and can vouch that these continue to age very gracefully, and have a long life ahead if you have the patience to wait. I personally liked the 2015 better (other in the party disagreed), but the 2012 had added depth from age that excellent. I will definitely be cellaring bottles of the 2015 for both medium and long-term drinking.

4/9/2020 – MIKEATL LIKES THIS WINE:91 Points

Apple and stone with a little unobtrusive oak and good acidity and drinking it with food brings out more nuance, it reminds me a bit of De Moor Bourgogne-Chitry. One of the best values I’ve had in years.